Food and Wine

Every meal at Mise en Place is one to remember. Featuring Modern New American Cuisine, Chef Marty Blitz blends cultural and regional specialties with an imaginative flair that always entertains and satisfies diners. He uses local ingredients wherever possible along with quality product from countrywide sustainable sources for meat, poultry and produce.

Our menus follow two masters: the seasons and Marty’s whim. Marty’s complex and interesting culinary genius is constantly at work, inventing and creating new dishes inspired by his love of cooking. We also consider several dishes classics and keep them on menu during our constant search for new courses.

Our Get Blitzed tasting menu is a five-course dinner featuring a sampling of Marty’s favorite dishes of the week- a true showcase. It becomes the complete dining experience when enjoyed with our expertly paired wines.

The wine list at Mise is able to be defined in one word, adventurous. Our wines pattern Chef’s menu in that the selections are carefully thought out while still pushing the envelope to be better each time and ever-changing. We make selections not based on points, popularity or critics favorites but instead the relationship we build with each and every winemaker. Each has its own story, whether from a visit to a winery, from a winemaker or wine shared with us that just simply ‘hit home’. We pride ourselves in offering the underdog, the little known, the hard to find. You may not recognize some of the wines on our list when you sit down, but we hope they’ll be remembered in your palate and among your favorites when you leave.

LUNCH: TUE ~ FRI 11:30 AM ~ 2:30 PM • DINNER: TUE ~ THU 5:30 PM ~ 10:00 PM • FRI ~ SAT 5:30 PM ~ 11:00 PM • BAR: TUE ~ SAT OPENS AT 5:00 PM


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